Get your WordPress website Only $150.

Service Overview

As you have seen from above, we are offering you one complete website on wordpress platform which includes your domain name, unlimited hosting, premium wordpress theme design and up to 10 pages with a contact form.

Once, you place the order with us by filling a simple form , you will be contacted by our support team to know your business requirements better and you will be providing contents to us and other details.

You can view the themes in subsequent sections and all are wordpress premium themes. In case, you do not have contents, our expert writer team will do it for you at a very reasonable cost.

I know your will be amazed to know about it but it is true. So, what you are going to get :

    1. One Business Website End to End on WordPress.

As mentioned above, you will be getting a business website which will contain maximum 10 pages as per your chosen wordpress designed theme. Along with that you will be supplied 10 business emails and control panel to manage your hosting where you can host unlimited websites in future as well. Our team will upload the contents provided by you on the website and once you review, we will launch your website.

    1. Choose theme ( out of 200 themes ) from premium theme clubs :-
    2. Get your website ready in 2 weeks.

During this period, we will set-up your hosting and install the customized theme as per your choice. You will let us know the pages you want in your website and contents for it. Our support team will be reviewing all the information and provide you timely update and after completion of the website, we will contact you for final review and your site will be launched once you approve it.


Fill the Simple Form

Step 1: Domain


Step 2: Logo

Do you need a customized Logo ?

Yes No

Step 3: Email

Do you need 10 Unlimited Space email address ?

Yes No

Step 4: Theme

Enter the name of the theme you want us to Build ?

Select any theme from the theme clubs.

Step 5: Contact Info

How can we reach you ? Please provide Contact info.

Step 6 : Payment

Payment of $150

5. So how my website will look like ?

You will get a business Website as you can see from our portfolio on the right and mostly based on the themes as we have mentioned above.


  • So what is the catch? Why are you installing my website so low cost with Dedicated IP hosting ?

    I would like to tell you that we are making around 400 websites a month at the moment and we have around 50 wordpress developers who are working in India at good prices.

    Since, the hosting we are providing to you is according to our reseller program, we earn some commissions from them as well.

    In Short, we are selecting a predefined template for your website with some customization and we are installing a wordpress theme of your choice which itself can cost you around $50 is absolutely free with us since we are paying the theme club on annual basis, further reduces our cost.

  • I do not have contents. Would you write it free of cost?

    Absolutely not. We do not write contents for free for you. It costs from $15 for 1000 words depends upon complexity of the niche and the service description or on the requirement side. Since, Search Engines is not looking for duplicated contents after updates, we do not recommend your to do it. Either you can hire a third party or you can contact us here with further requirements.

  • Do you design a logo for free?

    We will provide you a basic logo for free. In case you need a different logo, you can contact us here for a customized logo under $19. In this case, we will give you 4-10 choices as per your requirement and we will help you to reach your requirement logo goals.

  • Do you provide us a contact us form for Free.

    Yes. This is needed because no one can run a business without leads. We will provide you a free contact us form which will get your leads to your desired email chosen by you.

  • So, will I get access to my hosting account with you.

    Yes. Once, you will pay for services, we will give you a user id and password for your domain and hosting access which you can use for further use. For example, you need to renew you domain after 1 year , you can go into your control panel and pay for it and we will not be involved in this process.

  • Are there any hidden charges/monthly charges/yearly charges ?

    No. You need to pay yearly to the domain provider and hosting Providers not to us.

  • What is dedicated IP and why are you including it here?

    There are 2 IP possible for any website in this world. Shared IP and Dedicated IP. Shared IP is something where many websites are hosted on Same Computer with Same IP address and Dedicated IP will have Only one website at one moment. The drawback of shared IP leads to bad results in Google. For Example : If one site is penalize with Google Updates all the neighborhood sites hosted on Same IP address get some bad results by Google. So, we ask our customers to get a dedicated IP which is free of cost if you purchase from us. If you do not want it, you can tell it to our support team.

  • Why Privacy is Important for us ?

    Generally our customers are ordering 20-100 websites with us. They try to make a blog network and in order to hide their who is database ( Registrar name , Customer Email etc ) , they want to keep their information private from Google in order to make their sites not impacted by Google as Google is not a fan of Blog Networks. So, we recommend our large orders to go for privacy.

  • Will you provide any theme mentioned in above theme clubs ?

    Yes. Any of them because we are paying them annually and we can devlope any site using their themes. Checkout all the theme clubs here :

  • So, do you work for Blog Sites as well ?

    Yes, we do. If you want to have a blog site and want to write on wordpress blog, we will guide you with a readymade guide how to publish your blog as simple as working on Microsoft Word.

  • Do you provide E-Commerce Sites as well ?

    Yes, we do in the same pricing Model.

  • Do you make Article Websites as well ?

    Yes, we do in the same pricing Model.

  • Do you make Social Bookmarking Site as well ?

    Yes, we do in the same pricing Model.

  • Do you make web directory as well ?

    Yes, we do in the same pricing Model.

  • Do you make link bid directory as well ?

    Yes, we do in the same pricing Model.

  • What is the size of email? How many emails I can get ?

    100 MB per email account on your domain name. We can provide you 10 such different email ids.

  • What if I need more space for emails ?

    10 Unlimited Space emails are costing $30/year.

  • I am looking for SEO hosting. Can I think of you ?

    Yes. You can. Since, dedicated IP hosting comes up with $50/year, we are the cheapest solutions for you since we are not only Providing you a dedicated IP hosting for 1 year, also we are giving you a wordpres website as per your choice and theme chosen from theme club.

  • Fine, Now I want to know if You can set-up a blog network for me ?

    Yes, we can. You need to update the quantity of sites, while checking out on

  • Fine, Now I want to know can you write general blog post for me ?

    Yes, we can. The pricing will be $1.5/ 100 words.

  • I am looking for someone who can write for me in German Language.

    Yes, we can. The pricing will be $2.5/ 100 words.

  • Can you show me your portfolio to know what kind of sites you have developed in this package.

    We know this is obvious question. See the portfolio here.

  • Ok. I am not convinced yet. What should I do ?

    Pick your phone or skype : Dial +1-888-337-5197 or email : Skype ID : prologicwebsolutions

  • Fine. I know I need to buy it now what should I do?

    The process is simple. Please fill out the form and make the payments of $150.

  • Why I have to choose only few domain TLDs like .com,.co, .net, .info not others

    Because those are cheapest ones and others cannot be included in same pricing.

  • So, what is the pricing for other domains ?

    You type the domain name in the form and make the payments. For additional cost on domain name , we will send you a separte invoice.

  • Do you provide SEO Services as well?

    Yes, we do. Since, all customer have different niches and keywords, we have to take every case differently. We ask you to go through our link building packages thoroughly and if you are not able to handle it, please contact us here to let us know your needs, our SEO executives will contact you as soon as possible.

  • I am not sure about your company such.

    Ok. We are a big department of well-established company “Prologic Web Solutions” and since we want to create a buzz in the market, we are displaying this information on a different website because the parent company deals in SEO related services mainly.

  • Can I make the payments via Wire Transfer ?

    Yes. You can. You can use 2checkout and paypal to pay us otherwise.

  • I am ready, how to order now ?

  • Fill out the Simple Form

    List of themes Included in this plan

     The One Pager  Harmony  WP Premium
     Hustle  Trim  Coming Soon
     Function  InStyle  Rejuvenate
     Definition  Feather  Hospitality
     Athena  Envisioned  Answers
     Scrollider  Sky  WP Store
     Mystile  LeanBiz  Kidz Store
     PixelPress  Modest  Classifieds
     Flipflop  TheSource  eShop
     Artificer  Memoir  Aggregator
     Canvas  Magnificent  GTD
     Capital  Notebook  LiveTwit
     Merchant  Webly  Visiting Card
     SMPL  MyCuisine  Seasonss
     Daybook  Convertible  Seasons
     Sentient  ElegantEstate  Petit
     Whitelight  eList  Momentum
     Unsigned  Boutique  Venture
     Shelflife  DailyJournal  Horizon
     Olya  LightBright  Elastik
     Sliding  InReview  Erudito
     Beveled  AskIt  Yamidoo Magazine 2.0
     Wikeasi  Event  Convention
     Currents  DailyNotes  Meeta
     Emporium  MyProduct  Magazine Explorer
     Teamster  DelicateNews  OriginMag
     Argentum  TheProfessional  Discovery
     Woostore  TheCorporation  LitePress
     Coquette  Glider  PhotoNote
     Wootique  OnTheGo  TechCompass
     Buro  MyResume  Virtuoso
     Swatch  PersonalPress  Splendid
     Announcement  Minimal  Morning
     SupportPress  13Floor  Domestica
     Editorial  Polished  Voyage
     Statua  Lumin  Pulse
     Briefed  Glow  onPlay
     Kaboodle  BusinessCard  BonPress
     Saving Grace  eNews  Vimes
     Premiere  ePhoto  EduPress
     Simplicity  MyApp  Prime
     Delicious Magazine  LightSource  Telegraph
     Fresh News  eGamer  Photoria
     BoldNews  ColdStone  SportPress
     Placeholder  eBusiness  Magazinum
     Biznizz  eGallery  Polaris
     Listings  Basic  Graphix
     Elefolio  Bold  Academica
     Continuum  ArtSee  Videozoom
     Diner  eVid  CadabraPress
     Skeptical  WhosWho  Manifesto
     Crisp  Cion  Bizpress
     Sealight  CherryTruffle  Daily Headlines
     Estate  Deviant  Tribune
     The Morning After  EarthlyTouch  Elegance
     Inspire  Grungemag  Hotelia
     Spectrum  Influx  Yamidoo PRO Magazine
     Diarise  StudioBlue  Evertis
     Boast  PureType  Photoland
     City Guide  Quadro  Magnet
     Postcard  Simplism  Delicious
     Delegate  TidalForce  Business Bite
     Optimize  Wooden  Monograph
     Backstage  InterPhase  Gallery
     Bueno  BlueMist  Pinotage
     Headlines  BlueSky  Left Handed
     Rockstar  Automotive  Platform
     Daily Edition  Publisher  Selecta
     Object  HotelBooking  Hash One
     Coffee Break  Nightlife  Press
     Mainstream  Anchor  Through the Lens
     Feature Pitch  TechNews  Smoke & Mirrors
     The Journal  iPhone App  Briefcase
     Aperture  eBook  Depth
     Meta-Morphosis  CoolCart  InkDrop
     The Station  Catalog  The Firm
     Irresistible  StoreBox  Photolist
     WooTube  Store  Gloss Surface
     Busy Bee  Emporium  Motion Picture
     Blogtheme  eMarket  Done Deal
     Typebased  e-Commerce  mag.Press
     Over Easy  Geo Places  Abbreviate
     Snapshot  Events v2  tinyBlog
     Gazette  Job Board  Press Two
     Premium News  Price Compare  Casual
     StyleShop  Real Estate 2  Waves
     Fusion  Realtr  Old Post
     Nimble  Daily Deal  Knead
     Lucid  Reviews  Clean Cut
     Flexible  DigitalBox  Gigawatt
     Chameleon  Vacation Rental  Handmade
     Aggregate  Responsive  Azione
     Origin  Spa Salon  Ambition
     DeepFocus  Appointment  Principles
     Evolution  WebHosting  Picks
     eStore  Private Lawyer  Kiosk
     SimplePress  Automobile  CleanSale
     Gleam  Video  Personal
     Nova  Foodilicious  Handmade Two
     TheStyle  Specialist  Ximenia
     Fresco  Somaxiom  Modern Theme
     Voxel  Juxta  Simplicitate
     Diametric  Quantive  Ozone
     Clarion  Kinetic  Beardwell
     Ionosphere  Crystalline  Longwell
     Clarion  Dominion  Base Theme
     Visage  Reaction  MUD
     Halcyon  Perihelion  Response Theme
     Enigma  TerranTribune  Non-Profit Theme
     Momentum  Iridium  Tech Theme
     Camber  Infuse  Portfolio Theme
     Radiance  Nexus  Music Theme
     Reflex  Moxy  Magazine Theme
     Modulus  Affinity  Photographer Theme
     Nebulae  Refraction  Tumble Theme
     Entropy  Mynxx  Block Theme
     Mercado  Akiraka  Structure Theme
     Tachyon  Replicant2  News Theme
     Maelstrom  SolarSentinel  Shop Theme
     Syndicate  Meridian  Business Theme
     Hybrid  Mixxmag  Bold Theme
     Paradox  Grunge  Natural Theme
     Zephyr  Novus  Health & Beauty Theme
     Omnicron  Afterburner  Showcase Theme
     Panacea  Citi  Studio Theme
     Restaurant Theme  Verbage Theme