WordPress Plugins For Your E-commerce Website


In order for the e-commerce site to enjoy success, it is important for the entrepreneur to know the top WordPress Plugins that can really push the sales and promote the online business. WordPress Plugins are considered to be priceless, with most of them available for free. Doing some research on the web can help the person to come across the top plug-ins to enjoy successful online business.

The best WordPress Plug-ins for E-commerce website

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
* Dragon Design Site: Map Generator: It helps to develop a completely customizable sitemap.
* HeadSpace2: It is termed to be Meta data manager on steroids that allows full control across all SEO methods and requirements like tags / keywords, style sheets, description, as well as other essential things.
* WordPress Google Analytics: Adding Google Analytics along with additional search engines and auto click out as well as download tracking to the WordPress blog is made simple with this plug-in.
* SEO friendly images: Adds automatically title and alt attributes to all the images. It enhances search result traffic, to make them xHTML/W3C valid also.
• Advertising
* Datafeedr Random Ads-V2: This plug-in allows the person to easily and simply display random ads anywhere within the template files or by making use of widgets.
• Social Media
* Twittley Retweet Button: The pages, RSS feeds, and posts are added with Twittley Retweet Button. The users can easily retweet without actually having to leave the site.
* Twitter Tools: These are actually full integration present between Twitter and WordPress blog. The tweets are to be brought into the blog and blog posts passed to Twitter. The Tweets are to be shown in the sidebar and tweets posted from WordPress admin.
• E-Commerce
* Simple WordPress PayPal Shopping Cart: An easy to use plug-in that is simply wonderful for selling services and products from the blog.
• Branding
* MaxBlogPress Favicon: The blog can be easily included with favicon without having to edit any of the WordPress files.
• Mobile
* WP Mobile pack: It is regarded to be a complete toolkit for assisting in mobilizing the WP blog and site. This includes filtered widgets, content adaption and mobile switcher. Having this plug-in to be activated can help to install several mobile themes byribot types.

The above plug-ins are regarded to be some of the very best that WordPress has to offer to website and blog users. Entrepreneurs having their own e-commerce site on having used these plug-ins have become successful in their online venture.

To get more advise and suggestions on the availability of different types of plug-ins for e-commerce sites, the person can research on the web or join one of the forums, where he can come across like-minded people, who can provide better solutions, tips, tools and resources. This way, the person can emerge successful in his business as well as his life. At the same time, seeking the help of the professionals can further his online business and promote it among his targeted clients.


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