WordPress Monetization Plugins to Help You Make More Money


The best possible web monetization strategy to be used is to avail several strategies and not just once. However, web publishers and bloggers have been facing the heat especially with ad blockers consuming their ad revenues. Fortunately, there are numerous options present while trying to find alternative revenue generation means. One can choose to optimize the existing ad operations, sell digital products, sell affiliate products and content subscriptions by making use of micropayments.

Few WP monetization plugins to augment and boost the money earned from the blog

• Clk.im Monetization: This type of plug inn offers an easy way towards monetizing the WP blog. It has been based upon Clk.im interstitial ad-network that deals with links mainly. One great advantage of using it is that any popunder windows or banner ads are not injected on the web pages. Hence, blog visitors would not be bombarded by ads that might only create hassles for their browsing experience.

• WP Mobile Gesture Monetization: It is errnio adds tools that have created this plug-in for enhancing the mobile site’s touch gestures and to improve UX. It also helps to generate new monetization channels, besides whatever ad setup is presently had.

• Mobile Ad: Innovative ad units are offered by AdsOptimal which are optimized and designed for mobile sites. There are also available desktop ad units for people who need them.

• AdPushup: It is regarded to be an advanced automated A/B testing tool, which optimizes display ad layout exclusively for higher revenues and enhanced click through rates. Few of its features include visual ad management, ad layout optimization, intelligent continuous optimization, user experience optimization, reporting and analytics, personalization and segmentation and account managers.

• Free Comments: Community interaction can become much more effective with Vuukle. It is said to have devised a particular way for monetizing comments section via native advertising. Hence, it is regarded to be a smart type of commenting system which acts as revenue source instead of cost. By having Vuukle implemented may lead towards enhancement of internal referral traffic, increase in page average time spent, low total bounce rate, extra revenue via Vuukle Ad module as well as increased number user comments.

• TrenDemon Revenue Booster: This plugin assists the user to boost page views, revenue as well as conversions on the site. After the goal is set, TrenDemon tries to identify as to which posts present on the site would have higher impacts. Making use of call to actions and personalized content recommendations, the plugin tends to drive a good amount of traffic to the pages and posts automatically.

• Greenapp Mobile Ads: It is considered to be an app promoting platform from where the user stands to earn a good amount of money with every app that is installed. Some of the available options in ads are:
* Interstitial: A splash screen can be shown with banner for installing the app.
* SmartBanner: A banner can be had at the page bottom or top for installing the app.

The above are few of the WordPress Monetization Plugins that can be used for making huge money.


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