Top 10 ideas to do Search Engine Optimization in 2016


Ideas for SEO in 2013

Over the past few years and especially the last 12 months SEO has evolved and updates such as Google’s Panda and Penguin have improved the user’s experience with search engines. This is through improving the relevancy of search results and minimizing appearance of spam sites. With all these improvements, if you want to achieve the best with your SEO practice then you must be in-line with the current methods of SEO. The question is how to do it. The following tips give you an insight on the best way to go about with SEO in 2013.

Unique content

It is common knowledge that content is king and creation of unique and fresh content is what search engines and everyone else is looking for. Duplicate content should be avoided at all costs and creation of unique content that is customer oriented should be the sole focus. Good content will not only naturally attract your customers but will ensure good ranking with search engines.

Use different anchor text

Using a different anchor text saves you from search engines flagging your website as spam. Diversify your internal and external text – this is to mean do not use the same exact keyword for anchor text over and over again.  Unlike in the past where it never used to be an issue, currently search engines have become strict. Use variants of the keywords in your links.

Use various link building efforts

When it comes to link building you should adopt various strategies to naturally build up your backlinks. Do not focus on one tactic, instead use a range of strategies to build up your links. For example, you should not place your focus on a guest post while neglecting the others. Spread the risk and gain different links.

Expand the source of your traffic

There is saying that goes, “do not put all your eggs in one basket.” To say that this strategy does not apply to SEO would be an understatement. Suppose Google went offline suddenly and it your only source of traffic? This is to mean you should not solely depend on one source for your websites traffic. Consider diversifying your traffic sources to reduce the risk.


Creating an interesting video can make it easier to rank in search results. This is because many people prefer watching videos to reading. Videos have been proved to fetch a lot of traffic to websites.

Optimize for mobile users

Currently more and more people have access to mobile phones and especially smartphones as compared to desktop. This is to mean people now prefer mobile search as opposed to desktop search. If you fail to optimize your site for mobile users then you are loosing on potential customers.

Local SEO

If you fail to go local your competitors will. Recently research shows that people search for local products as compared to overseas. When Local SEO is done in the right channel it has great rewards.

Improve users experience

Every website owners interest is to get as many visitors as possible, hence if they forget to give the user a smooth experience then things may not be so good. When a user lands on your website experience does not end there. You should make your you retain them on your website at all costs as search engines determine the suitability of a site on average time spent, site speed (ensure the download speed is excellent) among others.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is one field that is rapidly growing and you should take advantage of the number opportunities it offers. A social media marketing strategy has a positive effect on your SEO strategies because it enables you to spread your business brand on a number of various platforms across the world. Google takes into account social signals to determine search ranking which makes social media presence an important SEO technique.

Do not buy harmful websites or domain names

Before buying a website or a domain name do an extensive research on its history to avoid problems with search engines. Never buy low trust spam websites/domain names.



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