Tips for Photographers Wordpress Portfolio Website


It is possible for anyone having a passion for photography to have WordPress portfolio website created without much hassle. Going through the tips given below can help the person to have a website that is functional, of good resolution and to be accessed at any point of time and thoroughly enjoyed.

• Determining as to why a site is to be created: It is sure that the wedding photography is to be built differently when compared to any wildlife portfolio site. What the person needs to understand here is as to what exactly is to be accomplished. Is it that he is trying to get into a business to sell fine art? Is it just for sharing the photos, so that someone known can have them printed for their personal use? Having the objective for the site creation jotted down can really be helpful. In such a case, creating the site can become much easier and simpler.

• Staying within the skill level: One can make use of WordPress for creating a portfolio website, irrespective of the purpose. In case, he does not have any experience, he can undertake some research on the DIY tips or get hold of a professional to have one wonderful portfolio created.

• Updation of the site to be made easy: The WP photography portfolio site is to be made in such a manner that it can be updated on a frequent basis without requiring too much effort. Otherwise, without site updation, it would get out-of-date quickly. The entire updation process needs to be quick and should be done by the user himself.

• Not cheating self on SEO w/missing Alt tags: If the site simply has photos and a title, then sufficient text is not present for the search engine to have it placed higher in the rankings. Therefore, having Title and Alt tags to be added to every photo used can really help. Such tags are stated to be meta tags which can be added to the photo, to help the search engine to know what actually has been represented within the photo.

• Avoiding Flash: Adobe Flash is considered not to be used for websites, but for creating portraits. Moreover, it takes longer loading time and also against search engines. Hence, they are better avoided.

• Making easy navigation: While creating the site’s menu bar having links to various other pages, creativity should be limited. The site is to be made as simple as possible. Navigation needs to be user friendly so that visitors can focus more upon photography, without actually getting distracted by figuring out as to how the site is to be used.

• Using white background: Gray or black backgrounds are just perfect for photography. However, dark background having white text will become tough to decipher it. In case a blog is to be included with plenty of text, then a proper way is to be found out for having the text placed on light background for greater visibility.

The above are few of the tips that can be followed for coming up with a great WP photography site.


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