Things You Didn’t Know About wordpress


These days, the number of people using WordPress is increasing by the day. People simply love to use WordPress since it does make a fabulous site or blog that is not only user friendly, but also is effective to reach the others on the virtual world. But the fact is that there are still many of them who still are not aware a lot about WordPress. Doing some research and tips is likely to help to get the desired information.

Few things not known about WP

• Changing Autosave interval: It may be that the person has been working on a specific post and finds his internet connection to get disconnected. In such a case, upon reboot, it is discovered that the post is nowhere near to be complete as the person imagines it to be. In this scenario, WP allows the user to have autosave interval to be set to the desired seconds. Moreover, wp-config.php is said to come to his rescue. A specified code is to be added and the preferred seconds of time is to be set.

• Emptying trash automagically: The Trash can present within WP is allowed to be deleted on the set intervals. It can prove to be extremely handy if there are clients using the site anticipating that upon hitting the delete button would actually delete the unwanted files.

• Maintenance.php: Upon updating WP, WP themes or WP plugins, the person as a visitor would notice at times a notification that site is under maintenance currently. It is against a white background that the notification gets displayed, but without style. Depending upon the server setup, the message may be shown several minutes rather than in seconds. It may appear awkward. WordPress fortunately allows the person to have that plain look to be changed without any hassle. What the person needs to undertake is to develop a maintenance.php file, have that placed within the / wp-content / folder. Basically, the person may use whatever PHP or HTML desired, but not WP PHP code, since WP does not get loaded at the time of viewing the page.

• Editing pages: This is something that is not known to many. However, upon completing the uploading of the images to WP, several things are left which can be done with the stated images.

• Using fullscreen mode: There is an improvised and beautiful editor that can be found in WP 3.2 version. The TinyMCE menu bar can be found and tried out.

• Using Child Themes: In case, the person is not making use of child themes, then there is a genuine need on his part to rethink the strategy, given today’s age and time, where children d o have a greater say in the family. There is no easy way for developing, both in time and efforts put.

The above are few of the aspects that many users of WordPress might not have known. There is also more to it. Doing some research can help the person to know more about WordPress.


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