Things That Are Killing Your Website Ranking


It could be that an agency might have sold the person a dream to make his site the top ranking one in Google for every money making keywords used. But the result noticed is just the opposite, which is they even did not get onto the first page. Also, it may be that the keywords once had ranked well, but presently is struggling for hitting the high spots again. It could also be that the site has never experienced better organic rankings as well as plenty of traffic.
The truth is that SEO is very much important to all businesses irrespective of the domain to attract and convert targeted traffic to the website. This potentiality is not to be missed upon which may possibly take place if the site is a poor performing one.

Essential aspects which could kill the rankings

• Links availed from bad places: Backlinks can be a wonderful factor when ranking the targeted keywords. Spammy, low quality links are to be avoided. Importance is to be given to article directory submissions. Utilizing outdated ‘link building techniques’ only would harm the site rankings.

• Anchor text over-optimized: The present industry is a highly competitive one and the importance of marketing and SEO only has increased and is conducted by professionals. Moreover, search engines also have changed. Having anchor text links to be over-optimized only would get the website to face significant risk. Rather than focusing upon anchor text links that are keyword rich, the person can aim towards developing a brand which publishes excellent, useful content, to assist expand awareness as well as encourage the return visitors. If people search for the brand name, then traffic becomes much affordable, when compared to getting to the number one slot in paid or organic search for those monetizing keywords.

• Facing Panda penalty for thin content: With regards to on-page aspects, having thin content or lack of it can have hue bearings upon the site rankings. Checking out on the top 10 or 5 results for search terms can be useful which the person is eager to rank for working out on average text length of those pages for getting a better idea of ideal text length that is being aimed for. It is essential for those competitive keywords as well as the niches. Panda algorithm of Google updates itself from time to time and does have huge impact on website rankings, especially those having thin contents.

• Page Load Speed: It is considered to be another contributor towards a bad or good user experience, while slow loading times may damage the site rankings. According to Google’s latest update, site speed is one of the main ranking factors. Users can be frustrated with slower sites. Hence, the load time of the page should not be over 4 seconds or much faster, if possible.

Besides the above, the other aspect which one should understand is not to hire a bad and amateur agency to take care of the site rankings. Since they may not have the necessary experience, they would only damage the rankings further or get the site to be heavily penalized by the search engines.


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