Things about WordPress UX basics you need to know


When trying to create a simple WordPress website, it is necessary for the person to have the basics of user experience to be right. If the dream is to have visitors flocking to the site and to stay on it, then there is a need towards catering them. User experience is to be kept in the forefront when making any move on the WP site. This will help the visitors to feel welcome and also encourage to explore as to what is there to be offered.

The truth is that a poor web design and layout is likely to have visitors turned away, irrespective of what is being provided. No one is likely to have the awesome products, top of the line services and innovative ideas to be appreciated and they are sure to bounce quickly.

It is actually not a tough task to have the WP site to be streamlined keeping in mind user experience. As a matter of fact, few straightforward ways do exist for enhancing user experience on the WP site.

Some WP UX basics to be known

• Easy navigation: The site’s goal is to make the visitors to work less to find relevant information and not to confuse them. Navigation bar is to be included along with categories list in sidebar, as well as breadcrumbs and the search box. With navigation becoming easier, the visitors are sure to stay for a long time.

• Simple, clean design: It is always functionality of the site that scores over design. The site is to be presented to the visitors in a proper manner, so as to achieve immense success. The overall feel and look is to be kept simple and clean, without having the users to be overwhelmed. Visitors are likely to expect something useful from the visit. If the web design is poor and nothing valuable is found to take away, then they would not return. It is necessary to focus upon simple WP theme, formatting along with appropriate bullets, sub-headings, lists and neat photography.

• Speeding up the site: The site has to load within 3 seconds of hitting the button, otherwise, visitors would get frustrated and leave. Slow loading sites are not desirable in this competitive age.

• Being mobile-friendly: It is important for sites to be mobile-friendly. SERP higher rankings are provided to optimized sites accordingly. A responsive theme is to be used that is mobile friendly and makes users to be happy to get information on the move.

• Making social sharing much easier: Social media is just loved by website user. The user simply like, share, +1, like, Tweet and follow every day. The site should be make sharing social media easily and the visitors are to be encouraged. The icons are to be placed in a visible manner at the header space, close to navigation bar, where it can be found easily.

Trying to prioritize user experience when designing the site is not required to be a challenging task or to take out some of the site’s awesomeness. A wonderful appearing site can be built which specifies exactly to the visitors about its purpose, how to contact, maintain the feel and look of the company and easier to navigate.


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