Social Media Campaign Not working – Now, What Should I Do

Beginning to feel social media marketing is waste of time? All your best laid plans, not working out? Not seeing your ROI dreams being realized? Don’t know which way to turn? Don’t worry, the fact that your social media campaign is not working out isn’t something to lose sleep over. Agree, it’s a big problem, but not a problem that cannot be managed.

First things first, whenever you are developing a social media marketing strategy, bear in mind that it can fail. This will be your starting point. Be ready for failure, be ready to tweak your strategy, be ready to rework it and be ready to throw one strategy into the dustbin and get started on another one. If your strategy has failed, you would do well to remember that you aren’t the only business that has a failed social media campaign on its hands. It’s common enough.

So, now that you have a social media campaign that doesn’t work, what should you do? Do you want to stop? If you are thinking about not investing any more time, money and effort into social media, well that’s your decision and I am not going to try and dissuade you.

But, if you don’t want to stop, and are wondering about your next step let’s talk about some things you can do:

Reassess your Expectations

Tone down your expectations if they are unrealistic. If you are looking for quantitative results within days of implementing a social media campaign, that’s not going to happen.

Even if the expectations are realistic, do some honest introspection, and rethink those expectations. With the kind of effort you have put in, and the methodologies used, do you think you have got enough value for money? If you think you have, congratulations, there is nothing wrong with your campaign, all it requires is a bit more effort, so you can expect more from it.

But, don’t keep reassessing your expectations just so that you feel satisfied with your campaign. Reassess to begin improving your social media campaign with some positivity and objectivity.

Get Data

Don’t just blame bad luck. The fact that your social media marketing plan hasn’t worked means you must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. So, find out what’s wrong.

If you have a social media campaign in place, you must be using tools to analyze its performance. If you aren’t, well you should starting using them to get the data that will tell you what’s wrong with it. So what are the tools, you could use? There are plenty of them. The best amongst the lot is of course Google’s Social Media Analytics. But, there are plenty of other’s available on the market.

You will need to identify the one that helps you get your hands on the correct data and enables you to determine just what it is that is wrong with your strategy. Take the case of Social Media Monitor, this is a great comparison tool that allows you to compare how your brand is faring on social media as compared to your competitors. This will give you a clear idea of what they are doing right, and what you are doing wrong.

Or take the case of IBM’s social media monitoring tool that goes by the name of SPSS , a paid software that gives you clear indications about consumer sentiments through data sourced from social networks, blogs etc.

Some of the other tools that you can use include   kyoo.com, SiteTrail.com, TwentyFeet.com, Tiny.ly,SimplyMeasured.com, CrowdBooster.com  and Social Tracking Plugin from Google amongst various others.

The trick is to use the tool that is easy to use. Even if you are working with social media experts who are handling your campaign for you, it will be a good idea if you can understand the use of the tool to make sense of the reports and to get a clear idea of what’s wrong with your campaign.

Improve your Strategy

Irrespective of the analytics reports that you are continuously getting about the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign, you will need to take some steps to improve your campaign. The implementation of these steps is not dependent on the reports you are getting but is par for the course, if your campaign is not working for you.

# More Originality

Let’s start off from the fact that that every element, every component, and every word of your social campaign was original, yet it failed. First go through this article which lists 8 best social media campaigns of 2012. It will give you an idea of what the phrase ‘original campaign’ actually means when it comes to social media.

In the world of social media, you have every opportunity to differentiate your business from that of your competitors. So, the question to ask is, have you taken these opportunities? Do your guest posts stand out and engage; do your YouTube videos make the viewer want to buy your products; does your participation in forums, add value to their conversations; is your Facebook business profile doing enough to stand out from the crowd; the answers to these and many other questions will tell you whether your social media campaign needs even more originality.

Rework importance of Social Networks

There are businesses who are so enamored of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ that their social media campaign limits itself to the Big Three. Some might add LinkedIn to this list, but that’s about it. Now, there is no doubt these four are the leaders of the pack, but there might be a case wherein the crowd you want to target is spending more time on Foursquare or Pinterest or some other social network for that matter.

The size of your business and even your objective determines the nature of your presence on social media platforms. So for local businesses local review sites like Yelp, and location based sites like Foursquare, Facebook check-ins, and Google Places will be the platforms to target; on the other hand if you are a small business platforms like Tumblr, Ryze etc. will be the way to go; so on and so forth.

Use the big guns by all means but make sure that you have a presence on the other social media platforms as well.

#  Don’t Sell,  Offer Information

Don’t sell? I know you are looking at me with eyes that say, “This guy’s off his rocker”. Well, that’s debatable, but what isn’t, is the fact that a ‘salesy’ social media campaign will never work. On the other hand, what will work is a campaign that enables your target audience to make informed buying decisions. No hard-sell no soft-sell; your audience is intelligent enough to understand that you want them to look upon your business favorably.

So create an authoritative social media presence that people don’t look at as an extension of your business, but as an entity that makes an effort to offer them useful information that improves their buying decisions.

Quick Fix Solutions anyone?

Tips or Tricks shouldn’t be seen as an easy way out of a difficult situation, especially when it comes to social media. Even a ‘trick’, demands a lot of effort with respect to its implementation. If your social media campaign is not working and you don’t want to overhaul it completely; you must be looking for some quick fix solutions to get your campaign back on track.

Well, here’s some news for you? There really aren’t any solutions that will have your campaign delivering the results you are looking for. But what you could do is, take steps to fine tune your strategy and make some intelligent additions to it that might just work in your favor.

  • Make the Users Want to Go through your YouTube Video

Your video does not engage your target viewer though its entire duration? Fair enough! But, why not give the viewers an incentive to go through the video. YouTube offers you something called the ‘annotation’ feature; use this feature to make available an ‘irresistible offer’ to your customers only if they go through the whole video.

Right at the end of the video, viewers will get access to the offer code, which they can use to buy products from your site. This has a two-fold benefit. It will make more people watch your videos and secondly, people will wait for your videos expectantly, because at the end of every video is a goodie.

  • Sticking to the Basics

Some people try too hard. Are you one of them? Take a cold hard look at your social media campaign and check whether you are doing the simple things right. You might find that you actually aren’t and that’s where you are going wrong. So, if you are writing a guest post for guest blogging, does its title grab attention? Is the content useful? Are you substantiating your content with facts and figures? As can be imagined this is something that is a basic requirement of not just every guest post, but every piece of content. But, you might be getting these things wrong.

It’s important to understand that the devil is always in the details. Get the details right, and your social media campaign will deliver the goods, every time.

  • Run ‘Specials’ exclusive to Social Media

Use every trick in the book to make following your social media presence a profitable idea for your target customers. Your social media presence and the campaign as a whole is a marketing exercise. So make sure that you offer a collection of offers that are only meant for people who are following you on social media. Make it worth their while and reap the benefits.

How about offering a weekly discount for your Facebook follower? How about a discount for a Twitter target group? Use your imagination to target specific groups of people on social media with offers customized for them.  Your social media campaign will only be successful if it is able to respond to the needs of your market. It needs to be proactive.

Stop Complaining

Above everything else that you should do, you need to stop complaining and get your act together. If you have certain expectations of your campaign, sit back and think how they can best be realized. Think about the various techniques of social media like the pieces on a chess board. How you use them matters? Giving the right techniques the importance they deserve at the right time is crucial for a successful campaign.

If your campaign isn’t working, fate has handed you a tough throw of the device, but don’t blame social media for your failure, and what’s more try not blaming the social media expert in charge of the campaign. There are plenty of ifs and buts associated with social media, so even a well mounted campaign is liable to fail at the best of times.

I see many people complaining about how they put in so much effort and yet their campaign failed; the fact that the campaign failed means it required more effort, more thinking and better planning and management. That’s it. The great thing about social media marketing is that it’s easy to pick up the pieces and start off afresh.

End Words

Hope you have now got a fair idea of what you must do, if your social media campaign is floundering.
Something that I havent discussed here is changing the people behind your campaign. I am not a great fan of changing the people in charge of particular process, if they haven’t delivered, but this is only if I was perfectly satisfied with the process when it started off and I have been aware of the decisions taken by the people in charge. In such cases, I think you should just ask them to rework their strategy.

The key here is to not doubt the people who are behind your social media campaign, if you know they have put in the required effort. And a final word – Trust your instincts; sometimes it’s giving way to your gut feel that helps your social media campaign succeed.



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