SEO Consulting or Monthly SEO Packages. Which is better ?

Website owners promoting their brands and who are focused in reaching out to a large online audience easily confuse consultants with SEO packages. They sometimes view the word consultant as intimidating as they feel it means their business will be doing donkey’s work. However, in the real sense SEO packages only promise external and short-lived results. SEO consulting involves meeting with real people who are ready to work together with their clients in order to meet their business goals. Simply put, we can say SEO consultants are genuine marketers. On the other side Link building SEO packages are less concerned with real marketing. Remember the promises they make are not based on achieving your business goals or even knowledge of search engines. They are designed to meet pre-defined requirements and that is all.

SEO Consulting

SEO consulting is natural while Packages are not

When you go for an SEO package you get a set of links. You get charged for a specified number of links per month. Now let me ask you, how can such a package with pre-defined rules create a natural link? It is not possible. A natural site attracts natural links form a wide range of sources. These links will not be the same as they will change as time goes by. When you take the services of a reputable SEO consultant, they do not give you a specific number of links that they will meet but makes effort to help you build links. Remember natural links are out of control hence asking for a specific number of links is impractical. Consultants can manually build links but stay assured that they will only do that from high quality sources.

Packages are not the best for brands

When researching about a Link building SEO package, in their features do you see a promise to first learn about your company and your position in the market? Do they discuss about your target audience or what the audience wants? Or even about your business reputation, retention of customers or any such things? The answer is absolutely no.  If a package makes a promise to first learn all of the above about your brand, then it is no longer a package but a consultant. SEO is all about creating an online reputation that promotes your visibility on search engines first page results and ranks you higher. We can say it actually makes no sense to hand over a brand to a Link building SEO package that will not even ask about their business goals. Remember no one knows your business better than you and if you cannot express your business objectives and goals then it is of no use trying to get them to help you with SEO. This is because they are good and SEO but do not know about your business. Since an SEO package does not know what your business goals are all about they may end up sending the wrong message to the wrong audience.

Link building SEO package

However, said and done does not mean that Link building SEO have absolutely no benefits at all and you cannot take it up. Actually it has its own benefits such as:


When purchasing the package you pay a one time payment and no subscription fees are needed. Once you want for the next month you make the payment again.

Quick solution

If you are looking for a quick solution to your SEO these packages give you that quick traffic generation bringing it at the top of search engine results faster than SEO consulting. The package also offers provides you with weekly reports on the status of you SEO campaign.


Successful link building involves long lasting natural links and guest posts gotten from quality sources. With this, it is up to you to decide on the best method to use, whether SEO consulting or Link building SEO Package.


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