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When optimizing your website to increase website traffic, it is always good to have an SEO plan to follow in order to get the maximum of your efforts. That’s why I made this detailed SEO Checklist updated for 2017 with SEO top practices that help increase SERP for desired keywords.

It’s actually more of a SEO blueprint which will help you maximize your business goals with less homework.

With this free SEO checklist, I will also add another Important Web Design checklist of you download this by filling your email address. Web design checklist will also help you to keep an eye on all important aspects of web design.

At the end, all SEO references  and SEO tools are added to make your job easier and help you improve your SEO knowledge.

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The Contents of the SEO Checklist  

Covered in 20 Pages + PDF



1. Google Analytics:
2. Google Webmaster Tools:
3. Sitemap
4. Robots.txt.
5. Word Press SEO plugin.
6. Page load speed:
7. Website audit:



8. Develop buyer personas:
9. Browse related searches:
10. Expand your keyword list:
11. Narrow down your keyword list
12. Choose target keywords



13. Create an editorial calendar.
14. Use trends to find new compelling topics
15. Use a blog title generator:
16. Vary the medium:
17. Syndicate:
18. Re-purpose:



19. Title tags
20. Meta descriptions
21. Permalink structure
22. Headings
23. Images
24. Content & length
25. Semantics
26. Site structure
27. Internal linking
28. Linking out to relevant resources


29. Competitor link profile analysis
30. Create a link opportunity worksheet
31. Create an email outreach script
32. Identify key influencers
33. Search for existing non-linked content
34. Take part in discussions
35. Disavow harmful links
36. Anchor text
37. Relevancy

38. Create relevant profiles
39. Setup social monitoring
40. Setup a Social Media calendar


The Contents of the Web Design Checklist  

Covered in 20 Pages + PDF

1. Brand Identity

Identified my target audience
Identified my USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
Made a list of my most important brand attributes

2. Goals

Identified my main goal with my website
Identified secondary goals with my website

3. Visual Branding

Select a colour scheme
Select fonts
Select imagery
Create a mood board

4. Site Plan

Make a list of your site pages
Build a site map
Plan your navigation menus
Create a list of features your site will need

5. Website Content

Write your homepage copy
Write your about page copy
Write the rest of your site copy
Write a Call to Action for each page of your site

6. Site Design & Layout

Figure out how many page types you will need
Plan the layout of your pages

7. Site Development

Decide how you will get your site built
Purchase a domain name
Buy website hosting
Get website built
Launch website!


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