Pinterest can help to achieve Google Rankings


Yes, Pinterest can help to achieve higher Google rankings. These days, you can find a lot of companies out there using Pinterest for marketing and advertising their products and services. They are using this unique social media platform to meet their marketing and advertising requirement in a convenient and inexpensive way. And the good news is that such businesses are able to meet their objectives successfully. this social media platform online has appeared as one of the most successful and greatest tool that can raise brand awareness and drive traffic for your website while increasing the sale to a great extent.

In this post, you are not going to learn about how you can use Pinterest to meet your marketing requirements but how you can use this site in order to generate the link building chances and can enhance Google rankings. This site can really help you in optimizing your blogs and websites for the major search engines like Google. Link building is what can help your website in achieving higher Google rankings for the keywords that you have targeted. Once someone will type in those keywords in the search box, your site will appear at the top. In this way, you can help people in finding your site, services and products easily and quickly online.

Links are always important – Every link help :

More importance will be given by the search engines like Google for your site, if it has quality backlinks that are linking your site with others. So, once more sites will link to the website, the chances to receive higher rankings in search engine will enhance. At the same time, more authority these sites will have can help your website to rank higher in Google’s SERP. For example, if your site has a link from the official website of New York Times, then it is having more value than the one which is having several backlinks coming from less authoritative sites. This is why quality backlinks are important in terms of achieving higher rankings in Google. Now, there are some ways you can follow in order to generate quality links through Pinterest.

Using Pinterest to receive guest blogging opportunity:

You might have come across negative connotations related to guest blogging in the past. But once this task will be accomplished correctly it can offer amazing SEO benefits. While following such link building strategy, you should have a keen eye on the red flags associated with guest blogging. In most of the cases, trying for the guest posting takes more time than the actual time you spend for writing. Well, this process can be speeded up while using Pinterest.


Use categories feature:

Opting for the categories section on Pinterest can help you in many ways to find the guest posting websites. Simply by browsing through this section, you can easily find the potential topics which suit your industry or niche.

While searching through the specific categories, you will come across endless chances. So, this will be the right time to focus on the pins which are tied for the post. For example, if you deal in health industry, then search through the Health and Fitness sections on the site first. And within a few seconds, you will come across the pins relevant you’re your niche of interest. And then you can click on the pin in order to get more details related to it and to determine whether or not that opportunity is valuable to you. In order to determine the value of the opportunity, you can also consider a few points.

The domain name from where the pin has come from: If that pin is coming from noteworthy and reputed sites, then you may not receive chances to get your post published on them. Here, you have to look for authoritative blogs where you can post or contribute. Blogs which are accepting posts may add for their site things like, We Accept Guest Posts or Become a Contributor or some blogs can add the button like Write for Us. In this way, you can post at those blog sites and at the same time you can achieve backlinks. And once the number of quality backlinks for your website will increase, it will become easier for the site to achieve higher rankings in Google. Quick links for Pinterest include “pin it” button, which is added to bookmark bar of the web browser, “Pin it” and “Follow me”  buttons added for the personal blog page or web site, and Pinterest iPhone apps accessible (free) through App Store.

The users must be totally aware of some terms as well as functions while using the Pinterest. The “board” is where users pins are situated, the users may also have many boards for different items. The “pin” is image, which has been uploaded or else from the link on the web site. When users make boards & add pins, users now can “repin” meaning they may “pin” one image of users to the board also. When user has actually set up the account & boards, then they may comment, browse, and like “pins”. Suppose the user wishes to turn the image on internet in the “pin” there are some simple steps you can do so. Firstly, user should choose an image you wish to pin. Second, user click on “Add +” button in Pinterest. Thirdly, copy & paste the image URL in the link box.


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