Most Valuable tools For Developers


Developers are on the constant lookout for tools that they can use to develop functional and high quality blogs and sites. There are available several WordPress developmental tools without which developers simply cannot survive. The valuable development tools are given below and when used help the developers to take their skill to the advanced level, while decreasing precious time for completing a site.

Few valuable WP development tools

• Twitter Bootstrap Framework: It is among the most popularly used framework available in the market. The next version 4 is expected to be launched this new year. With a good framework, development work can be carried on quickly, while taking into consideration profitability and cost involved. Twitter Bootstrap offers the user with full CSS library, pre-built JavaScript elements and library of components. These assist the person to have the website frame to be quickly in place and also allow the person to get into content loading and styling. It is possible to make use of the code that is readily available and effective. Depending upon the project type, the elements that are to be required is to be determined. Only then such elements are to be downloaded from Bootstrap. This way, additional code will not be left back, which can avoid site bloat.

• Cloud 9 IDE: It is regarded to be a development environment which lives within the cloud, allows the user to collaborate easily with a developer team or other developer. It also assists to have issues alleviate which may arise when performing work along with versioning products. Few developers have been getting the site’s wrong version and messing it up as it gets pushed into repository. This tool supports one-click installation as well as auto completion / quick key for php code. The only drawback is that the user needs to have net connection for working on the files unlike working on a local machine. Their professional version comes with great features.

• Sage/Root Framework: There are many developers who are said to make use of this framework on a day to day basis on their projects. Sage is considered to be a great pick, if modern technology is to be used and professional themes are to be developed. Sage Framework, is originally known as Roots, is said to follow modern workflow development which includes Gulp task runner that combines, minifies and auto-prefixes the files, to make them much smaller. The framework is used by advanced users.

• Zurb’s Foundation Framework: It is regarded to be the world’s self-proclaimed advanced front end framework, having similar elements like that of Twitter Bootstrap. However, right from their infancy stage, they boast of having advanced technology within their bundle, of which one is interchange javascript library, providing the user the capability to have content and images switched out based upon browser window size.

The above are few of the WP development tools readily available for developers from all across the globe to use it for impressing their clients.


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