Most common web developers mistakes


Software and site developers are said to work constantly to meet the deadlines for events and launch dates. But in the process, even the most experienced developer tends to make some silly mistakes that can prove to be costly. The fact is that being negligent can to be a security issue, however, not taking the correct steps or knowing it can prove to be damaging to the online business as well as its reputation.

Some careless mistakes that developers are to avoid

• Making use of simple passwords: It is undoubtedly a ridiculous way for getting hacked. Simple generic passwords are used by developers especially for multiple sites and also have similar password for the website’s various functions. It effectively means that anyone can guess the passwords and can be lucky in their attempt. Passwords such as adminpassword are cliché. Hence, they are very much the first ones to be tried out by the attacker. It is possible for the file management software to get compromised on a regular basis and malicious files uploaded. This is mainly because of the simple password used.

• Copy pasting code: Such scripts may include slideshow carousels, menu’s video sharing and social media sharing that may cause the sites to become easy prey to attacks. As the script is found to have a flaw, then the hacker community gets the news like wildfire and they begin to try their luck and expertise in hacking the compromised site. Undertaking Google search for comments, author details and script name, it becomes possible to locate the website having the script. Developers making use of templates and copied scripts for code are to undertake independent testing for ensuring that vulnerability is not present in any manner that could be exploited.

• Not testing and making the decision to Go Live: Developers these days are constantly pressurized towards delivering lavish and elaborate projects, which they tend to compromise on vital programming aspects such as testing. Websites without undergoing proper testing are made to go live, after which they get patched, with the discovery of flaws. It can prove to be devastating and may even increase the expenditure related to programming, if attackers cause any kind of damage. It can be negligent and even unethical on the part of the developers towards making the site to go live without actually testing them for stability and security. There may be discovered hundreds of vulnerabilities and bugs as the software or site it made to go through fault finding and testing systems.

• Search Engine Enemy: It is one thing to focus upon functionality. However, the question is about friendly coding of search engines. SEO friendly coding is ignored by majority of the developers these days. They simply g o ahead to undertake whatever they feel easy for completing the project in hand. In the short course, this may prove to be helpful to have the site to be up and running. But according to the experts, it is the wrong way for the coders to achieve the task. By having optimization left for search in the end can ensure, it does not take place.
Understanding the above common mistakes can help to avoid them.


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