Most Common Web Design Mistakes


It is true that there does exist something like a poor web design. This could possibly be the result of stubbornness of few designers who may not have their sites transformed into practical tools. The question is how a wonderful site can help the viewer to be convinced about its excellence, in case, the site loads quite slowly, has horrible layout or just poor content. In case, the site is not in a position to deliver the desired result, then it becomes very much essential for the person to immediately contact a good, qualified, reputed and experienced web designer. But, one has to understand the fact that creativity may come along with plenty of mistakes. However, these should not allow the website to be transformed in negative manner.

Some common mistakes committed in web designs
• Poor navigation: New visitors are required to have the sidebar and attached information purpose to be discovered within few seconds of page opening. Web designers are needed to assure that answers to questions are offered through navigation menu such as: What page was last noticed and what should be the next move? Where is the person now? How to return to Home Page?
• Using of design features worsening experience of the user: In case the site is among those which needs visitors to have endless click numbers to be delivered or move through various pop-up ads for purchasing something, then chances are high of losing potential visitors within the eye’s blink. It could be that the person is the world’s best salesperson; however, if the clients are not offered with the possibility for buying things quick and simple, then the business is sure to lose a lot.
• Additional content: It is essential for the web designer to have a site maintained that is both clean and organized. One has to be cautious with the number of ads, graphics or content included within the site. Having few blank spaces can be just great periodically. If the web page has exaggerated content, then the way the site is to be used is likely to be damage. This is because, the additional load would only create problems for the viewers and confuse them. Moreover, the loading of the site would slow down extremely, due to plenty of content present in it.
• Not providing accurate information: Since viewers are looking for some information, the site could be checked. At times, the information present could be hidden from the eyes of the viewers, making it tough for them to realize, if they are in the correct page or not.
• Contrast of Texts: During the creation process, it is related to poor typography. The text is to be made to stand out from page’s background. It is necessary especially if there is call to action features present. Light colored backgrounds are to have dark colored texts.

Knowing the above mistakes and avoiding them can help the person to launch a flawless website that is sure to attract and impress huge number of visitors.


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