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The mega attacks that occurred recently on WordPress installs have left many users to scramble for enhancing their site security. There were incidents reported of data being lost, and even the sites in entirety. Infiltration of over 90,000 sites as a matter of fact, has left people to become very much aware of WP security and it is for a good reason. The question that is in the minds of most of the WP users is “how to safeguard their WP security in an easy and effective manner.

Safeguarding from all hassles

The site possibly might have become the hackers slave, hosting unwanted contents, sending spams and the like. Significant data mining also could be experienced, especially those related to sensitive information. No one would like to imagine as to what may happen to them and their site, if hacked, the amount of money it could cost in such a circumstance and the kind of damage that the reputation of the business that would take place and how much how progress of the business would be affected and in which manner. It is for all these reasons that it becomes quite essential for all WP site owners to take preventative measures immediately and without any delay for protecting their sites.
A good level of security is to be in proper place for preventing all future related hassles.

Easy steps to ensure proper security of WP site

• Taking WP backups regularly of the site: It can be stated to be a lifesaver. By using simple WP plugin, which backs up the site regularly can help the person to be spared of any kind of painful issues, like attacks on the host, server outages, and much more.

• Installing current WP: An easy way for hackers to get into the WP installs is via different ‘exploits’ which tend to target vulnerabilities found within the sites which actually have not updated their WP. It is stated to be quite easy to be done and can be performed with just a click of the button and hence, not is to be overlooked.

• Using functional and reputed anti-malware: Sometimes, even after taking precaution some type of WP security issues are noticed. Therefore, one should make sure that the install and more specifically the web host is installed with the latest anti-spyware and anti-malware.

• Not installing through Fantastico: Trying to install by making use of Fantastico, the cpanel utility that stated to be quite easy, can prove to be highly insecure. There have been several exploits which has succeeded via Fantastico installs. Additional few minutes is to be taken for correct installation. WP 5 Minute install is a reputed one and works just fine. It is also much secure to be used.

• Securing site login credentials: It is necessary to ensure that there is given a tough to guess password and username. Furthermore, these are to be secured by anyhow by making use of tools such as Roboform. They are not to be stored in any file on the site.

Trying to understand few elements related to WP security can help the person to avoid related issues and have peace of mind.


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