List of Tools which make a Link Builder’s life easy

I get it. It’s only quality SEO now, which means quality link building. The focus of every link building professional should only be on building links from relevant sites, authority sites and not generate quick fire spammy links.

But that doesn’t mean that you, the link builder can’t use tools that will help you breathe a little easier. All that these tools do is that they help you focus on the essentials and do away with the non-essentials. Let’s take a closer look at these tools; they haven’t been given in any order of importance.

Tools which makes Link Builders Life easy.

Open Site Explorer: The guys up at SEOmoz came out with this tool and since then it’s become a link builder’s favorite. It allows you to do a thorough analysis of your competitors’ links, which will help you develop an effective link building strategy of your own. You get detailed information about their linking domains, anchor text and inbound links. You can use a free version of this tool, check whether it works for you or not, and then upgrade to the paid version to get even more link related information.

Raven: It brings to you a slew of features like competitors analysis, link management, search for top links for target keywords, backlink research and a whole lot more. It offers every piece of information that makes a link builder’s work easier.

Ontolo: If you are beginning your link building journey, avoid this tool; use it only when you get some experience under your belt. But for others, this extremely powerful link building tool discovers link prospects, helps you acquire these link prospects, and also helps you manage your link building. It offers you a lot of scope for customization and helps your manage your work flow right from scratch.

Link Research Tools: You will want to know which sites you can contact for links, but what you will also want to know, whether your existing link profile is as good as your competitor’s; another thing you might want to know is why did your site lose its rankings; all these questions and a whole lot more can be answered by this tool. There are plenty of cheaper link building tools available out there, but the value of a tool should be measured by its efficiency and this one is as efficient as they come.

Citation Labs: It’s not easy finding quality sites that are relevant to your content, but what is even more difficult is finding those sites that are most likely to link to you. This is something that this tool makes as easy as eating cake. Type in the kind of site that you are looking for, throw in a few relevant phrases and just wait. You will be given a report that will contain a list of sites relevant to your search phrases, and this list can then be made a part of your link building strategy.

Buzzstream for Link building:  Your link opportunities need to be found and prioritized without any waste of time whatsoever, and Buzzstream does that for you, along with metrics collection, social influencer research, and what’s more it can also help track your outreach efforts. Like many other tools available on the market, this is easy to use and a one stop shop for all your link building requirements.

Whitespark: If you want to figure at the top of local search results, this is a citation tool that helps you find the kind of local link partners that will help your site rank right up there are the top. All you need to do is enter your location and the type of business you are running and of course enter the search phrase. The system will throw up a list of your potential link partners. As local SEO becomes big, this is one tool that needs to be in your must have list.

Excel: This comes to you from the people at Distilled; it’s an excel sheet that help you make sense of an immense amount of data and also helps you solve plenty of link building problems. Don’t let the word excel throw you off, this is as good a tool as they come; there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can learn, and of course, also unlearn, when you download this tool.

Advanced Link Manager: As an SEO tool, this one is comprehensive and helps you prospect links, analyze onsite optimization and also offers you diverse relationship management tools. One of the biggest benefits of this software is that it has compartmentalized its offerings and therefore you can choose a set of features that fits your experience and skill sets. It’s a good tool and quite popular too.

BloggerLinkUp: With guest blogging becoming an integral tactic for building quality links, BloggerLinkUp is a free service that will help you get in touch with bloggers and website owners who are either looking for guest posts or who want their guest posts published. It helps you save a whole lot effort looking for guest posts or those blogmasters who are willing to publish your post.

WhoLinkstoMe: Do you want to understand and analyze your site’s backlink profile? Of course you do, and for that, there is this reporting service. The information that it can offer you, will help you identify your site’s weaknesses in terms of backlinks and help you plug the gaps.

End Words

No, that’s definitely not the end of it; and you will be hard-pressed to choose from the wealth of options available; you need to pick the one that’s most useful for you. The list given above is a mixture of backlink data providers, outreach tools, prospecting tools, browser extensions and others. Make an informed decision while choosing a tool to work with. Also give yourself sufficient time to master its use. Take help from resources to know more about the tool/s that you have chosen.

There is a chance that you might pick a tool and find that it’s something that doesn’t work for you, or it doesn’t offer everything you need; well don’t fret, just pick another tool. All the Best!


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