Initial Link Building Strategies You Should Always Implement for a New Website


If you have a new website, you have the opportunity to put in place a quality link building strategy from the ground up. Unlike many established websites that were slapped penalties post Penguin and Panda, your website doesn’t have any baggage. You can focus on SEO that adheres to all of Google’s quality guidelines and adopt an approach that you don’t have to be sorry for, later.

Let’s take a look at how you can build a foundation for link building that stands you in good stead, even when your website is well-established.

Fresh Content – Panda Worthy

What’s Panda worthy content? It’s content that’s fresh, engaging, well-written, relevant, updated regularly, understandable, usable, readable and last but not the least, shareable. Your website content, right from the start, should maintain the highest standards of quality. It must add value in some form or the other to the lives of your target audience.


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