How To Make Your Own WordPress Blog?


Many people are eager to set up their own WordPress blog within their own domain, called self hosted WP blog, but tend to encounter several types of issues during the process. It is necessary for the person to initially have a domain name and hosting service for launching a self hosted WP blog.

Step by step guide

• Accessing Domain’s Cpanel: Logging into the domain’s Cpanel is the first thing to be undertaken. The person would be prompted to have his user name & password to be entered for gaining access to it.
• Locating ‘Fatastico De Luxe’: Once the domain’s Cpanel is accessed, there is a need to locate as well as click on the icon known as ‘Fantastico De Luxe’. Here, the person needs to go into for installing the WP blog.
• Choosing “WP” under Blogs: After getting access to Fantastico De Luxe, the next thing that needs to be done is to have the link known as ‘WordPress’ to be located and clicked under ‘Blogs’ category (located on the screen’s left, where menu items are found).
• Choosing ‘New Installation’: After choosing to set up WP blog, a menu can be noticed on the right. ‘New Installation’ link is to be clicked for initiating a new installation process.
• WP Setup information: The following pages can be noticed next, where vital information with regards to the blog that is to be set up is to be entered.

*Install-In Directory: In case, anything is not specified here, then the WP blog would be installed within the root directory. ‘Blog’ is to be specified, if it is within the directory ‘blog’ that the person prefers the blog to get installed.
*Admin password and user name: An account is to be set up for accessing the blog.
*Admin nickname: Once the blog entries are posted within the blog, this is what the person may be eager to be called as. (It is likely to be his ‘Author’s Name’.
*Admin email: Email address is to be specified here.
*Site name: Blog’s name.
*Description: One liner, simple description as to what the blog is all about.

Once the relevant details are filled up, ‘Install WP’ button is to be clicked for proceeding.

• Setup Confirmation: Prior to the setting up of the blog, the person is needed to confirm if the information that has been entered is accurate. In case, the information is found to be relevant and precise, then he just needs to click on the button stating ‘Finish Installation’ for having the WP blog to be installed.

The blog is now ready to be used and the instructions to be followed accordingly for getting access to the administration area of the WP blog. Beginners can find the above given step by step guide to be quite useful for setting up their own WordPress blog that can be followed by the others and enjoy a huge fan base.


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