How to Give Your WordPress Blog a Complete Design


In case, the person is running an online magazine or a blog, then chances are very high of his using the WordPress. Although there are other types of content systems available in the market, be it open source or paid one, it is WordPress that leads them all, when it comes to reliability, customizability and ease of use.

Reasons for using WP
WP is said to provide the user with a solid foundation, based on which any custom design or theme can be derived. It is the freedom towards shaping the user interface in any manner the person likes can be termed to be a double edged sword. But it is the webmaster, whose responsibility is to maintain the site and to make it to appear unique and fresh all the time.

WP periodic updates are simply great, since new feature get added to the CMS, while popular bugs are mostly weeded out. But still, in majority of the cases, the website for the end user tends to appear very much the same, until any deliberate change gets introduced.

Tips to give the WordPress blog a complete makeover

• Revamping the design: When undertaking the makeover, the initial and the major step is to have the WP blog design to be redone from ground up. Three options are present to be selected from, depending upon the specific requirements. Either the person can choose a standalone theme, get the designer to come up with a customized design or buy theme framework. Going through the options is important to understand their individual strengths and weaknesses and to make a well informed choice.

* Standalone Premium Themes: Such themes are produced for mass consumption. Hence, they can be found in variety of forms and shapes. There are several places from where a standalone theme can be purchased. They are cost effective, present in wide variety of features and styles are updated constantly by the developers. However, once outdated, the entire design is to be replaced, minor customizations are to be made by self and the design is likely not to be unique.

* Customized Theme Development: There are many who may require something that is much more bespoke. For custom designing the site, an independent designer can be found to undertake the job or a design studio employed for the purpose. This way, a sit e design can be had that is created to meet the specific requirements and is unique. Ongoing relationship can be had with the studio or the designer to avail theme changes or periodic updates. However, it can be quite expensive when compared to the other ones.

• Theme Frameworks: They offer solutions to specific problems which are encountered by users when using the standalone themes. Unlike the latter one, the user would not lose all his customizations that are performed. It can also stated to be much more future-proof. The website can be revamped with child theme without actually losing customization. Many well known theme frameworks may have strong support community and developer. A starter or parent theme can be used as foundation for developing own design. However, its functionality is limited and most of them come with a small fee.

Therefore, understanding the above elements can help the person to have changes in the WP design to make it attractive for the end user.


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