How To Get real reviews from your client


The testimonials page is regarded to be among the most powerful of all website pages. Through great testimonials, people can be told more about the service or product, about its being legitimate and awesome enough for deriving the best results.

The question that is asked by majority of the entrepreneurs is how to get real reviews and testimonials from the clients. There are some sites that can be looked at from where reviews can be collected from. At the same time, with some useful tips, it becomes possible to encourage the customers to give reviews and also gather them from the web.
Sure ways to get real reviews and testimonials

• LinkedIn Recommendations: This site can be wonderful source to get reviews that is extracted from the recommendations. Obviously, one cannot avail reviews on the company profile, since these are present for individuals that can be fabulous, if the entrepreneur is freelancing, a sole proprietor or a physician. Then what if the person owns an organization having several employees on the payroll? It can be a great idea to have all the employees to become active on the site. This can probably help the individual employees to get recommendations from the customers, on whose behalf they are working. With their permission, such recommendations can be used on the site, which can be either a page that is dedicated to the employee’s bios or on the testimonials page.

• Facebook Reviews: In case, the business has a Facebook page, which has been set up as local business, then the page can come with Reviews tab. This tab is to be simply to be slided into the visible tabs and the fans encouraged on the Facebook wall to enter few reviews.

• Social Mentions and Google Alerts: One can come across tons of reviews from customers written about the business on other sites, like unsolicited personal blogs. Daily notifications can be set up through email on Social Mention and Google Alerts for different applicable terms for tracking brand mentions, which includes the business name, the entrepreneur’s name, specific product name, b rand, and the word review. These alerts can be used for searching about reviews and to enquire those who may have mentioned the brand, to have their story or comment featured on the testimonials page. people generally would be more than happy to oblige and in return, get a link exchanged from the site.

• YouTube Video Reviews: It is without doubt that a video is considered to be much stronger when compared to text based reviews. A video of the customer commenting about the services or products rendered by the business and how helpful it has been can be just excellent. The fans can be encouraged for adding the videos to their own YouTube account and provide the link to the entrepreneur. Such videos can be added to the channel in the form of Favorites. Customer review playlist can be created.

The above tips can assist the new or the existing entrepreneur to make the most from customer’s real reviews and promote their business.


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