How to Earn Money From Your Wordpress Website


There are many people who are said to begin a WP blog, without any intention of earning money from it. Over time, they find that their blog’s popularity makes creation of money through it very easy as well as a worthwhile prospect. Irrespective of the reason for developing a blog, as good traffic is once made, the person can also have that wonderful opportunity towards monetizing the site.

Some easy ways to generate steady income through WordPress site

• Using PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click): This form of advertising is considered to be a popular and easy way to have the WP blog to be monetized. Each time the visitor clicks on the displayed PPC ads, the blog owner is likely to earn CPC (cost per click) payment anywhere between few cents to few dollars. Several types of WP plug-ins exist that can assist the person to manage his ads easily, thereby making this ad form to be particularly appealing. A code snippet is to be added to the blog that would help to scan the whole site for determining the topic on every page and to display relevant ads.
• Using affiliate marketing: This form of advertising from involves products from the site.0 This way, when the visitor clicks on a link and purchases a product, the site owner stands to receive commission. Anything can be promoted by using affiliate marketing, be it software, physical products, courses, membership sites and even downloads. Amazon Affiliates is regarded to be among the most reputed of all affiliate marketing program.
• Using Advertising Space: Ad space selling can prove to be a reliable monetization method, since the person stands to earn for the ad space, a flat rate, irrespective of the number of times, the visitors click the ads. A lump-sum payment is usually received before the site has the ad live in it. There are present numerous WP plug-ins present for helping to manage and sell ad space easily.
• Using Sponsored Posts: The blog owner can take into consideration providing a sponsored post. This way, he is likely to earn a fee to have the post published, typically which can be a service review or product on the blog. The charged fee may depend upon the amount of traffic received by the site. More money can be earned by having affiliate link added to the post, to help earn a hefty commission.
• Using own product: Over time, the person could have possibly gained sufficient visitors, while generating good amount of additional money for developing own product. It can be graphics template, downloadable eBook a WP theme or plug-in. Numerous plug-ins are available for adding eCommerce functionality or online store to the site.

With the suggestions given above, it is very much possible for anyone to have his WP website to be monetized effectively and efficiently. Irrespective of the method selected, the key here is to develop traffic initially. It is only after having sufficient visitors that the blog can start to generate a good amount of money on its own.


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