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Business cards have been stated to be among the most effective marketing forms used by entrepreneurs across the globe. The card can be stated to be much more than having the business name to be spread out. These cards can really help to develop reputation and to drum up business. They are equally necessary for networking purpose. It is very much crucial for one to take proper care when it comes to designing the business cards. It is only by being creative and innovative that the card can be made to be noticeable and to stand out among the crowd.

Few tips to make the card to be seen as enterprising and efficient for promoting business

• Adding logo of the brand: It is necessary to have the logo to be made large enough to get noticed by those who receive it. A well designed logo can help the brand to be developed including the corporate identity. The logo on most of the cards is placed on its left corner. Something new can be tried out and a full colored logo can be placed on the card’s back. Striking colors are to be used and a reputed printing company selected for the purpose.

• Social networking: It is quite crucial to have information included in the card such as the company name, phone number, address, email id., website details and other useful information about social networking information, if present. This is to include Facebook page and Twitter handle. The social net working sites are to be updated from time to time and made informative.

• Making use of fun pictures: In case, the entrepreneur represents a creative field, then there is a need for making business cards that are designed to be striking and can stand out on their own. Having fun pictures on its back can really work. Perhaps, the person may have his art work to be added to the card or bright yellow tulips or city skyline. The reason is that business cards are given more importance if they come with vibrant, attractive colors and fun designs.

• Foldout biz cards: One can make use of fold-out cards, rather than plain business cards. They are quite similar to mini- brochures which can include more information when compared to the typical biz cards. The person can have anything included that is preferred, such as a map, direction to the place of business, the store’s photograph or detailed business information. To enjoy deriving the very best results, it is important to hire a professional and experienced printing company specializing in foldout cards.

• Corners: It is possible to have biz cards to be designed in unique sizes and shapes. Rather than having the typical square cards, one can have it designed using round edges. Metal dies are used by majority of the printing companies to allow the person to develop any kind of shape that is desired with the cards.

The above ideas can be used for having the next card batch to be designed.


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