Free Wordpress Theme VS Premium Wordpress Theme


It is true that WordPress is being used by people in huge numbers across the globe and this number is only increasing with time. WP theme developers and designers have come up with several amazing websites and blogs. Basically, two theme types are available, namely the premium WP themes and free WP themes.
The question that many beginners tend to ask is which one is to be used for deriving the best results. Both are said to work perfectly and it entirely depends upon the website type that the person is planning to create.

Free themes

• Being free in nature, financial risk is not involved. It can be abandoned at any point of time to try on another one if necessary.
• There is present a wide range of library to be selected from. Thousands of choices can be availed with a simple search.

• All free themes may not provide options for customizing the website. A coding specialist could be required for understanding WP coding.
• Updates are not offered. The free theme is not likely to be compatible with the current WP version. Hence, compatibility issues may be faced.
• No assistance is present. All issues are to be faced by the person himself.
• Quality may vary. Both low and high quality themes exist. Few of them are developed not following any control and might not come with features that are commonly found in premium themes.
• Using couple of them may make the person to mandatorily have the developer’s name to be placed at the footer. The footer could be encrypted by some developers and links promoted that cannot be removed from the site. Several reports have been stating that detrimental codes were being installed by few developers for spreading viruses, without the user’s knowledge.

Premium WP Themes

• Themes are great to look at. Premium themes are much stylish, professional and elegant looking and come with numerous features.
• Offers consistent theme updates. All designer themes could release updates frequently for majority of the themes. With updates, the user can enjoy deriving new features to the site without putting any additional effort. Also, the theme is sure to be compatible with WP current version.
• Technical assistance is offered, when necessary. The developer theme is active round the clock to offer top notch support and attends to all related queries.
• Easy and effective customization offered. There is no need to know WP coding procedures. All premium themes do come with customized theme options, thereby allowing the users to make quick changes.

• One has to pay some money for using the premium themes. But the features and flexibility offered by it is really value worth the investment.
Entrepreneurs who are quite serious about having an impressive site of their business for attracting huge number of buyers/visitors to the site, need to understand that cost involved in engaging a site designer for developing a site could possibly run into thousands of dollars. Using premium themes can prove to be a better option as it only involves paying up fraction of the amount and delivering the best results.


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