Six Excellent Reasons To Start A Facebook Business Account


Social media is a great marketing tool, especially Facebook. With 1.01 billion users Facebook is the easiest and most convenient way to reach out to the masses and best of all; it’s completely free! It takes little time to set up and not an awful lot of time to manage it, but as in most cases the more you put in the more you will get out.

When setting up your account ensure you choose the option of a business account so that people will ‘like’ your page and become fans rather than ‘friends. Fill your account with as much detail as possible, link your website and add an eye catching profile and cover photo.

Interact With The Public

Use your Facebook account to build relationships with the public. People will use the page to ask questions regarding your company and products. Many companies go wrong by not replying to comments from fans. This gives the appearance that you are not interested in your fans and the public.

As a company most people think it’s best to remain professional and to avoid getting involved where possible. This is not the right approach when it comes to Facebook. Users like to see that there is a person behind a company. Reply to comments, interact, be friendly, maybe even crack a few jokes. Interacting on a regular basis will enable you to gain loyal fans and generate a friendly approachable reputation for your business.

Helps With SEO

Google is constantly updating the way in which it ranks sites and more and more so social media is becoming a strong part of search engine optimisation. Updating your Facebook account regularly will help towards ranking on Google…and that’s for free! For more information on SEO seek advice from a UK SEO company, some offer social media management too!

Generate Interest In Your Company

We all want our company to be the talk of the town…only positive talk of course. Think of the town as Facebook, the more you interact and the more you post the more Facebook users will be talking about you. Facebook has made changes now so that if a fan interacts with your page it will post to all their friends. So the more fans you have interacting the wider spread your profile will be and the more interest you will generate.

Provide Traffic To Your Web Site

Leading on from generating interest, as you begin to make a buzz on Facebook you should see a rise in traffic to your site. This will be for two reasons; Firstly people finding your Facebook page who are genuinely interested in your service will click through to your site and secondly you should be ranking better on Google by keeping your Facebook up to date. It’s really that simple and who can say no to more site traffic and hopefully more conversions!

Keep Up to Date With Your Competitors

Keeping a close eye on your competitors is very important for any business, who really can afford to miss a trick? Checking their website regularly is all very well but the place where businesses get really personal is Facebook. Use your account to keep a close eye on what those in close competition are doing.

Generate Custom By Putting An Offer Out To The Masses

Complimentary offers are great for generating custom, especially in the case of new customers. Previously the only option was to email details to existing customers. Now with Facebook you can advertise your offer to all your fans, and those of your fans who interact with the post for your offer will share it with your friends too. Expect a boost in traffic and business and you may even get new loyal customers out of it too.

So now you have six great reasons to get your business on Facebook can you think of any reasons not to have our business on Facebook? Probably not!


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