Best WordPress Plugins for SEO To get Google Ranking


There are numerous WP plugins that are easily available to be used for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization and for deriving better Google rankings. Not every type of SEO plugin is required to be used, however, each of them is known to work in different manner. Hence, it is important for the person to undertake thorough research so as to select the best ones which suits the specific needs perfectly.

There are present some premium and free SEO WP plugins, which means something or the other useful, is present for all users. As expected, few premium plugins may have distinctive benefits over the free types. For instance, EasyWPSEO has been termed to be a much better one for the purpose of keyword optimization when compared to Yoast WP SEO plugin.

Few SEO plugins that can be used for promoting WP blogs in leading search engines

• Broken link checker: This type of plugin is quite useful to find all types of external and internal broken links (related to 404 links). These are actually nothing, but termed to be dead end exclusively for the search engine spiders. Experts suggest such links to be removed. The plugin may come with few issues among specific blog posts. This might even have the hosting to freeze for a moment. It is for this reason, it is to be run on any low traffic day.

• Yoast WP SEO plugin: Yoast WP SEO is regarded to be among the best WP free SEO plugin that is easily available to be used. As a matter of fact, this single plugin type may take care of several aspects related to SEO of the WP blog.

The following things can be achieved by using it:
* Social SEO
* Adding for single post meta value
* Adding for home page meta value
* Sitemap file creation
* Index control of the blog
* .htaccess and edit robots.txt

When using All-in-one SEO plugin, the time is very high for ditching and migrating towards WP SEO Yoast Plugin. The plugin tends to have few features to be integrated from several popular plugins such as RSS footer and Robots meta.

• SEO friendly images: By having images optimized, it is possible to get significant traffic amount to be driven to the site from image based search engines. Even getting just 1% of the traffic to the site from the different image search engines does mean a lot. ALT attributes are added into the images by this plugin, although great care is to be taken of image name. In case, images are uploaded with names such asDSC001.jpeg or image002.jpeg, then it is to be made a point for starting to give out the images with more useful names.

The above are few of the WP plugins that can be used for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization for getting higher Google rankings.


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