Benefits of Wordpress E-commerce Website


These days, there are many aspiring entrepreneurs who are eager to open up their own e-commerce store. Most of them often ask this question, as to why they should take into consideration WordPress to develop an Ecommerce site and what benefits can be derived from it. They are generally caught taking about making use of ‘Pretashop’, ‘Shopify’, ‘Opencart’ or ‘Magneto’ as CMS options for developing e-commerce site. Generally the answer is ‘no’ among many people, when it comes to using WordPress.

Reasons for not making WP the preferable choice

• Not able to handle plenty of traffic
• Unscalable
• Plenty of e-commerce features are to be developed within WP CMS.
• Not having excellent e-commerce platforms, since WordPress is just good for blogs only.
• ERP integration not supported.
• Quite vulnerable towards security threats.
• Not having good back-end support with regards to sales reports, inventory management, etc.

However, WP presently is said to have valid answers for the above arguments except for ERP integration that is being developed currently. With the advent of few fabulous WP Plug-ins like WooCommerce, things have changed lately, reviving e-commerce in WP.

Why consider WordPress for e-commerce?

One of the major reasons for its consideration is the presence of huge community. It is undoubtedly the most popularly used website platform in the virtual world among all CMS hosted sites. It hosts around 63%, which effectively means, its being an open source has helped developed a huge community that can provide answers for literally everything.

Is WP able to handle traffic?

It is among the best CMS developed for scalability. There are several popular websites handling visitors in millions on a daily basis.

Scalable as good e-Commerce platform?

It has been believed by many that WP is very much scalable as e-commerce platform.

It is just meant for blogs?

With WP, it is possible to develop classified sites, directories and social network using popular WPMU and Buddpress plugins.

About its e-commerce features?

A serious look is to be taken at WooCommerce and its essential features understood. One can enjoy availing wide range of features, while remaining could be derived by having some free and paid plugins to be installed. With this, the user can enjoy:

• Inventory and sales chart
• Ratings and review system
• Customized recommendations
• Zoom and multi image features
• Multi-image support
• Multi-payment gateway integration (from 2CO, Paypal to CCAvenue)
• share cart / Publish cart / save cart on different social platforms
• Affiliate system
• Net Banking Direct / Debit / Credit integration

Is it vulnerable towards security threats?

Many are of the opinion that being open-source platform, WP can be easily hacked. However, having the largest web community contributing towards WP trac, submit bugs & WP core are updated frequently. Core updation is simple and can be done by clicking the button.

Besides the above, the user can also enjoy the SEO benefits from plugins such as W3Total Cache and Yoast SEO, thereby saving upon development efforts.


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