A beginner's guide to WordPress


There are many people who would like to use WordPress to write blogs for the first time, but are afraid to do so. This is because of their lack of knowledge. But with some research, one can come across useful beginner’s guide with which they can launch their very own WP blog and enjoy success and satisfaction. Focusing on the basics can help the person to begin WP blogging within a short span of time.

WP beginners’ step by step guide

• Installing WP: For having self hosted WP blog, a domain name is to be purchased along with hosting features. Any of the reputed hosts can provide one-click, simple WP install via their control panel. The person is just required to have few important details to be entered. In case, issues are faced, the hosting provider can be contacted, who can guide in the installation process.

• Resisting temptation: Since WP is a powerful CMS and blogging platform, it tends to come with complexity and great depth, something that the beginner has to avoid. It could be that the person has heard about plugins and themes that are available for free. With these, the functionality and design can be improved, but it is not required by the beginner in the initial stages.

• Writing the initial blog post: Blogging can be started after installing WordPress, as it comes packaged along with default themes, perfect for beginners. Besides being uncluttered and clean, they are very much functional. Site content is split to two different types which are pages and posts. Three essential things are to be worried about which are adding title, adding few contents and hitting publish button.

• Creating Contact and About Pages: Few pages would be required to allow the visitors to know as to what the site is all about. Two pages are recommended to begin with, namely, Contact and About. The About Page is to explain as to what the site actually is about and to provide a solid reason for the visitor to hang around. The Contact Page is to provide the means for visitors to contact the owner.

• Installing the initial Plug-in: A good plugin is to be installed, something that offers excellent contact form functionality, includes bunch of exciting features and is well supported and solidly coded. For having the plugin installed, visit Plugins>Add New present in sidebar of WP dashboard. Follow instructions and click on install now link and the plugin gets immediately activated.

• Experiment: It is possible for the person to have some pages on the site including a post. Also, the first plugin has been installed and contact form created. Although content creation can be vital, it is equally necessary to explore the other options available.

What is to be done next?

Following the above steps is sure to help the person to enjoy starting a WordPress blog site. Once gained sufficient exposure, the person can simply go ahead with installing any new theme or to customize any default one, have widgets added to sidebar or develop custom menu. The options are just endless.


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