A beginner's guide to Earn Money from Your Wordpress Website


It is true that the number of WordPress users have been growing with time, since it is regarded to be among the number one blogging platform in the virtual world that can be used for free. The question is how can a free blog platform like WP can help the user to earn a good amount of money regularly.

Step by step guide to make money with WP site

• Choosing a niche: A unique and specific niche that the person is comfortable with is to be selected. It should not be vague. After the selection, some articles are to be written on the niche field, which needs to be specific and broad enough to compile minimum of 2,000 articles.

• Developing WP blog: Two ways, sites can be hosted, which is paid hosting or free hosting.

* Paid hosting: The user can have full control over the WP blog. Anything can be written. Beautiful site design and templates can be used.
* Free hosting: WP.com hosting offers 100% free sites to be created. Setup is also easy and own domain can be selected.

• Getting hold of a theme, configuring WP Widgets, beginning to write stuff: After setting up WP, a theme is to be selected. WP does boast of having huge collection of themes that can suit the requirements. Then the widgets are to be installed like anti-Spam, Cache, Backup and SEO. Once done, the user is ready to start writing.

• Receiving site traffic: Traffic is very much essential for the survival of the blog. It is to be submitted to top search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google only. Beginning traffic can be generated easily, courtesy from family and friends. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn can be used for the purpose. Top directories like DMoz (Google) can be submitted to and to other lesser known sites.

• Monetizing the WP blog: For monetizing the blog, it is necessary to have:
* A unique niche
* Minimum of 10+ posts/articles
* Hosted by reliable web hosting ser vice
* Uses WP blogging platform
* Decent traffic
* Found easily on reputed search engines

Once done, it is now time for reaping in the rewards for the efforts taken. Advertising is an easy and effective way to make steady income. Google AdSense is one such way. There are also other alternatives like Clicksor, InfoLinks, etc. They all are easy to be used and can be installed without any hassle, following simple instructions.

Other ways to monetize the WP blog

Hundreds of ways do exist for monetizing the blog. The other method that is free to be used is affiliate marketing. If the user helps the major companies and sites by promoting and selling their products, he gets a commission from the sales.

Enjoying receiving free money with the WP blog

Once the user has succeeded in developing a monetized WP blog, then he can easily earn a good amount of dollars in thousands annually. Doing some research is likely to help the person to enjoy a good income from his WP blog.


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