20 Points to consider before choosing any Link Building Service Company for SEO


I was surfing Internet around January 21st 2013 after Panda hit almost every 10th website in the world and entire SEO Community was trying to find a solution of their rankings which was badly impacted by Panda. I went to a black hat website with title like “Google Ranking Booster – SLAP to Panda Update” with 100s of reviews and everyone was claiming they went up in the rankings.

So, I went through the details and when I found the SEO Service Provider website, it was not even ranking except 3-4 keywords with search volume < 50. I laughed for a moment then I thought what a small business owner should do when results are so bad in Google and Poor Sites (with 1 or 2 Page ) are ranking on First page.

In such circumstances, people try to find out a seo link building service provider or link building packages so that they can run their link building campaign and get rankings in Google.  So, if you are among such users please read the article carefully if you are going to choose seo link building company for your websites:

1)      Do Small Research About Company Feedback :-

Google “Company Name + Feedback/Scam” and try to find out if someone posted a bad feedback or comment about the SEO Service Provider you are looking for.

Go to Yelp.com and put the company name, if it is there with Yelp, it will spit out the reality about the company.

2)      Check company’s whois :-

Who is provide you information about company’s registrar like : Owner name , email, Domain age and Server Information.

Go to http://who.is/ and enter the domain name. If you are service provider is less than 1 year then it is interesting to know how someone can offer SEO Services for link building for your website.

Though, I may not be 100% correct on this because some of the old companies also have new websites as their sales promotions and keep a buzz around the market but in that case try to find out a relation between SEO Provider and it’s parent company if your SEO Company is less than 1 year old.

3)      Check the company link profile.

Another point which can make you think why should you choose a link builder or SEO Company if their link profile itself is not good. For doing this, you can use any of these tools :

  1. Open Site Explorer
  2. Majestic SEO

You need to check if their backlink profile looks Natural Link Profile.

4)      Read Testimonial of link Building company

You need to find out if the link building company is providing you real testimonial or references as per your request. If they are not able to provide you real trustworthy SEO Testimonials, I suggest not to go for such companies.

5)      Find Social Participation of SEO Link Building Company

If you know, we have moved to web 3.0 from web 2.0 in 2012 – 2013. If any SEO Company is not participating in LinkedIn, Twitter or Google Plus then the chances are they are not using or aware of use of social media in modern SEO rankings. A link building service provider does not have active social participation it means they are using old seo methods or they do not want to change their link building strategies.

6)      Read the blog of SEO Services Provider.

You should know if your chosen SEO company is publishing a blog to engage their users. Find out the quality of the content and their comments. How frequent they update their self and answer the questions asked by active users.

7)      Find if they provide a Support   

If anything you want to know about the company and their SEO packages or Link Building packages, find out their support system. It can be any of the following form :

  • Email Support
  • Chat Support
  • Phone Support
  • Skype

If they do not provide any such support then there is no point of buying any link building service from such SEO Company. Also, if the support takes more than 12 hour to respond your query then it is not worth to spend time on such SEO Provider.

8)      Find if they provide timely reports

You need be sure before ordering any SEO Package if your chosen seo company provides you link building and ranking report within the time specified on the website. This is important as you are supposed to get reports so that you can analyze the quality of links.

9)      Find out diversity in link building services provided by SEO company

SEO is not link building anymore. Now we call it Link Earning. I won’t say following SEO Services are dead but they are considered to be SPAM if not done in a correct way :

  • Press Release
  • Directory Submissions
  • Article Submissions
  • Low Quality Forum Links
  • Any low quality Link – Duplicate content ( Wiki, WordPress or Blog Comments )
  • Sidebar/Footer links

You need to know if they provide following link building services:

  1. Contextual link Building
  2. Quality Web 2.0 Creation and Promotions
  3. Guest Posting
  4. Social bookmarking
  5. Authorship
  6. Natural Link Profile building
  7. Video distribution
  8. High Authority backlinks
  9. Good article writing and submission

There can be many more services but you should not be part of SPAM techniques. You should discuss before buying any link building package.

10)   Get a free report on your existing website profile

Ask link building company to evaluate your website and provide you a free report on your existing link profile and your backlink with anchor text. Ask them to provide you any existing problem in your website and how will they handle it. Check if they provide you keyword suggestions before starting a link building package.

It is always good be cautious before buying any seo service from any SEO company.

11)   Evaluate their link building strategies for your website.

After you discuss everything about your SEO requirements, ask SEO company to formalize a plan with their link building services specifically for your website. Evaluate their link building plan for you and just for you not a fixed price based SEO Package which is suitable for Advanced SEO users.

It is good to pay extra if the planning used by SEO Service company is as per Modern SEO methods and use of Content Marketing + Social + SEO ( Web 3.0 ) because not only unique but information rich content with right use of social media can really change the game and you can go ahead in Google SERP.

If their link building strategies are exact match anchor text based and contains too much of anchor text optimization , you may go though over optimization penalty from Google.

12)   Verify the uses of Automation tools in link building

If you know SEO, submissions done by Automatic SEO tools are going through heavy penalty by search engines. You should know if your chosen SEO company is using spammy tools to do SEO. All the links should be made by hands and manually by expert SEO executives. Nowdays Google and other search engines banned so many IPs of Spammers and their link building can take you down in Google Results if you do not verify this.

13)   Find the IPs used by SEO Company

Since, all or most link builders are behind static IPs and as I mentioned in my past statement, Google keep eye on Banned IP, an SEO Company should use different IPs or VPN to do the link building for your website not the one which they are using for other 100s of projects.

14)   Find Alexa Rank of SEO Service company

Alexa is one of the measure to know if a company has enough visitor to it’s own website. Think about it again. If an SEO Service provider can not have visitors to its own website, how they can provide you organic visitors to your website.

Lower the alexa , higher the visitors. Alexa should be less than 250K or 250000 for a link building company if they are doing good in the business.

15)   Find Page Rank of SEO Service Provider

Page Rank is highly trustable measure by Google which is counted from 1 to 10. Higher the Page Rank means Google trust you more. I do not want to go into depth of this but if you are going to Hire a SEO company, Try to consider Page Rank minimum 3.

16)   Find MozTrust and Domain Authority

This is another measure to Judge a best link building services. This is introduced by SEOMoz and nowdays modern SEO companies take Domain Authority into the account while doing advanced link building.

As per SEOMoz Website

“MozTrust is SEOmoz’s global link trust score. It is similar to MozRank but rather than measuring link popularity, it measures link trust. Receiving links from sources which have inherent trust, such as the homepages of major university websites or certain governmental web pages, is a strong trust endorsement.”

“Domain Authority represents SEOmoz’s best prediction about how a website will perform in search engine rankings. Use Domain Authority when comparing one site to another or tracking the “strength” of your website over time. We calculate this metric by combining all of our other link metrics (linking root domains, number of total links,mozRankmozTrust, etc.) into a one single score.”

Good seo companies should have domain authority around or greater than 60 and Moztrust >6.

17)   Discuss in forums about your chosen SEO firm

There are many reputable forums like Digital Point and Warrior Forum where newbie and quite advanced SEO users discuss their day to day challenges and provide solutions to others if they know it already. Do not think if you get answer in forums , you will get a true feedback but if you find a genuine experienced reply from forum, go ahead and take it forward.

18)   Do they offer Money back or First Page Guarantee.

Believe me if that is the case, they are fake because no one can guarantee if a website can appear on first page of Google for the given keyword. Stay away from such companies.

19)   Low price can turn into disaster

Professional link building company work on realistic pricing and if they use unique and quality contents , pricing can be higher but worth to pay. If you are getting thousands of links in few $$, beware !!  You are going to be a part of SPAM techniques of link building. Quality work always come on realistic SEO price.

20)   Try to know the source/database of their backlinks

You need to know how a SEO Firm keeps a database of backlink which they provide to customers. They might not be able to tell you upfront but if you deep dive into this, you will be able to get how a SEO Firm can make links for you.

End Words :-

Finding a Good SEO company is not a small task. Though, I have tried to capture all major points here. You can consider this as a formula for evaluating your SEO company. If you are able to get score of 18 our of 20, then you can choose such a link building service company.

While writing this article, I have tried to keep up to date information as per my knowledge. If I missed out anything, please provide me feedback, I will surely love to see that.


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