10 Ways to Increase Business Sells Using Social Media

The social media universe is turning into a growth trigger for businesses. Its use has seen businesses improve their sales figures and achieve strategic growth. Social media offers tremendous opportunity for innovative marketing and avenues open for improving brand value; this has helped businesses use social media to their advantage. Marketing their business on social media has proven to be a revenue booster for businesses irrespective of their size, scale or scope. Here is an article by Richard Branson on How to Leverage Social Media, which gives a look into how businesses are leveraging the tremendous potential of social media to their benefit.

A solid media presence is not a luxury any more but a prerequisite to reaching out to a wider target audience, interacting with target customers on a one-on-one level and ensuring you are able to find, captivate and engage an audience that has the best chance of converting into your customers.

While using social media for increasing business sales, you must remember the 3Cs that guarantee an enduring and largely successful social media presence – Conversation, Content and Context. Converse with the right people, share the right content and in the right context, and you improve your sales figures by a long way.

Below I have offered ten ways how businesses can increase sells using social media. These ‘ways’ have been mentioned in no order of importance; also none of them need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

So, let’s begin.

1. Be Real

On social media, you business transforms into a person. You will have a Facebook and/or Twitter business profile, but let’s face it; its fans and followers usually don’t look at it as a business entity but as a person. Let’s just say that your social media presence is a more humane extension of your business.

Think of it this way. Social media is giving your business the opportunity to get out of its protective cocoon and interact with its potential clients as a person. So, get real, get a personality and get a voice. This voice must be unique and mustn’t ape your competitors. Here is a nice article on 20 Great Social Media Voices that will help you identify the right brand voice for your business.

Social Media SEO

Social Media SEO

So, how does this help increase sales? The association with a “real” person helps. By ensuring that everything about your social presence sounds real and not a put on job, your clients are going to start trusting you more. For them, you aren’t a business, but a person, with character, with personality, and with a voice that has their attention.

2. Top Brass on Social Media

A robust social media presence is all about telling the target audience that our business wants to engage with you in its entirety and sincerely. There are businesses where their CEOs and I am talking about the real big guns, have a Twitter profile, a case in point Marissa Mayer.

The fact that apart from your business’s presence on social media, even its top leadership is on Facebook and Twitter gives out a strong message  along the lines of ‘We aren’t afraid to connect personally with our target audience. They are completely open to public scrutiny’.

I have heard of managers, CEOs etc. address the concerns of their business’s customers conveyed through Tweets and Facebook posts. Imagine what that does to the credibility of their brand. It becomes moon bound!

3. Integration with Business Goals

Don’t have separate goals, one for your business and another for your social media campaign. Both must have the same goals. The idea is to put in place a social strategy that helps you achieve business goals.

If your goal is to achieve brand credibility, put in place a campaign that allows you to do just that, on the other hand, if it’s all about increasing sales figures (it usually is), then go all guns blazing to achieve your growth target, in part, through social media. So if you want to achieve the latter, why not offer discounts on your products and services on your Facebook Page; use Facebook ad campaigns; or Create Facebook events to create buzz about a product. This is a Facebook centric example, but it gives you an idea about how you can use social media to drive your sales figures.

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Social Media Campaign

But wait; what if you don’t align your business’s goals with that of your social media campaign. Well, in that case, you really wouldn’t be making social media work for you.  What’s more it might just conflict with your business goals and you don’t want that to happen do you?

If you are interested in knowing more about how Facebook can help increase your business’s sales, take a look at these marketing tips.

4. Regular Interaction

Are you serious about using social media to boost sales figures? If that’s a big yes that I hear, it’s important that you make regular contributions to your social media efforts. Keep sharing links to your recent blog posts, business updates, press releases etc. with your fans and followers.

But don’t limit yourself to updates. Why not identify an audience group and interact with them. Letting them know you are interested in knowing more about them, lets them know you care about them and the way they think, their likes and dislikes and whether they liked using your products or not.

It tells them, you want to improve your products and services, by knowing them better. This is again something that will get your business in the good books of your target audience. Ensure that interaction happens at different levels and touches different ways and means of audience engagement.

This means you are not putting all your eggs in one basket. If one method doesn’t work, there is always another to fall back upon.

5. Sharing Right Content with the Right People

The word ‘right’ here is the keyword. You need content that works tirelessly to convert your target audience into your customers. The content should engage, it should interest, it should inform and it should sell. But above all, it must be worthy of sharing. So, if you are somebody offering SEO services, think about actionable SEO content that will enable your audience to sort out SEO problems that they might be suffering from. This post on YouMoz gives great insights into actionable content and what it is all about.

Now that you have got the right content, be sure that you take it to right people. Either identify the content first or the audience for that content first. I am a person who firmly believes that you can do either of the two first; imagine a scenario where you know the users you want to target but don’t have content for them. Not a good spot to be in right? Well, that’s why I say don’t be fixated about identifying an audience first and then writing content for it.

You can get a nice little topic to write on, and then begin identifying an audience from within your target customer group, who will like reading what you are written. This way, you can leverage your write up’s potential to the fullest.  This helps make a bigger impact, which in the long run means better sales figures.

6. Increasing Targeted Followers

Now some people believe that the more the number of followers on your social media networks the more the increase in your sales. Well, it doesn’t work quite that way. In fact, it doesn’t work that way at all. Something else that this erroneous thought process has given rise to, is that businesses are now buying fans and followers in a misguided attempt to improve sales.

But here’s a question for you? If you blindly add to your fans and followers lists, will this ensure that you will increase your sales figures? The clear answer is No, it won’t. More followers, in this case, will just boost your ego and nothing else.

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Social Media Followers

So, the key here is to increase your targeted followers, who you will have more chance of converting into your customers. For this to happen, you need to find, follow and build relationships with the right people. Here are few ways you can employ to get in touch with the right followers:

  • Use the people search or group search option on LinkedIn
  • Search Twitter Lists or search for people on Twitter using tools like followerwonk
  • Use tools like boardreader to search for specific kinds of people on various forums
  • Follow the conversations happening on Quora
  • Use Foursquare to search for people who share similar interests
  • If you are targeting the IT crowd, then sites like stackoverflow are a great place to find them

As you go along you will find many other resources, which will help you build up a list of followers who are interested in the products you are selling. This in turn improves your sales efforts by a long way.

7. Don’t limit your social presence

Just Facebook and Twitter won’t do; use every social media platform that you believe will help generate more leads for your business. Google+, LinkedIn, Pintrest, andFoursquare etc, are some of the other platforms that you must focus your attention on. I agree, it gets difficult to have an integrated social media strategy that targets multiple platforms, but this is something that you must do, there is no two ways around it.

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