10 Best Ways to Create a Video that Attracts Natural Links

As SEO becomes more cut throat, and the focus shifts to quality SEO driven by natural link building, you need to use various tactics as a part of your SEO efforts. One such tactic is the use of videos. You can use videos to attract natural links, and a video SEO strategy is turning out to be a goldmine for building quality links.


But, in order for this strategy to work, you need to create the right kind of videos. So, let’s look at all that goes into the creation of a video that facilitates natural link building.


What’s the objective of your video, the simple answer here is ‘to attract natural links’. So, you need to fix on the content that will lead up to it.  To zero in on the right content, you need to decide what will interest your target audience? Would they like a video tutorial? Would they like something that has humor in it? Would they be interested in knowing the benefits of your services? Are they facing a problem that you can solve through the video?

It’s important to remember that video hosting sites like YouTube are getting increasingly crowded, so your video needs to be good enough to be seen. The first step in that direction is deciding the right content.

2.Qualities to Keep in Mind – Entertaining, Engaging, Instructive

If you are an internet user, you must have noticed that your attention span while surfing is notoriously short and you flit from one website to another quickly. So, if you want your videos to be viewed by the maximum number of people, create them for short attention spans. Have a clear purpose in mind, and make your point with clarity. Also, make sure that it is compelling enough to make a viewer want to stick with the content right up to the very end.

So, make your video entertaining, this is only possible if it’s well made, has a dash of humor and says something worthwhile. Agreed, such videos are difficult to make, so why not go the instructional route? Such videos are simple enough to make. In such videos, you show the viewer how to use something or help him/her learn some skillsets.

This article on Creating Awesome Videos for SEO, gives in-depth information on how to create great videos. High quality videos help generate numerous views which can convert into high quality links.

3. Host Videos on Your Site

To put it specifically, on your landing pages; as opposed to only hosting videos on sites like YouTube, Yahoo Video, dailymotion, etc. You must have come across ecommerce sites also placing videos in products pages, a case in point being Amazon.

What you are essentially doing by placing videos on your webpages is that you are making them work harder to convert customers, and it helps build links as well. Product demos or the benefits of a particular product help captivate viewers and they spend that much more time on the site. You aren’t just asking website visitors to consume information in a fun manner, but you are also increasing the chance of them sharing this link with others, and what’s more your viewers (your leads) have a better chance of converting into paying customers.

4. Surround a video with Images and Text

Search engine crawlers can’t decipher your videos; if you just have a video strategy where all you do is have videos up on your web page, and hope it can help you rank better, forget it. That’s not going to happen. Google needs signals that clearly indicate that your content relates to the given query. So, here’s an idea that you can chew over – surround your high quality videos with excellent images and text. A video headline is good, but a nice little description of the video will be great as well. Link to other videos that offer information on related topics; the idea is to not just help search engines crawl your page, but make the videopage a linkable resource, which your target audience can keep referencing time and again.

5. Old SEO Warhorses

Think SEO and you think Title and Meta Description, so make that Title as eye catching as possible; an effective title is catchy, it has the word ‘video’ in it, and has a target keyword added as well. So, do some focused keyword research to find high traffic keywords and use them in your Title and meta descriptions.

Bear in mind that you mustn’t overdo the use of keywords; another thing, even your video file name must have keywords in it.

6.Embed Code Manipulation

This is a YouTube centric strategy, wherein you can get links from your YouTube posts as well. This is necessary because in the natural course of events, all that you get from your YouTube video is a link back to the same page where your video is hosted.  Read,Getting Links and SEO Value from your YouTube videos, to know how you can tweak the code and get a link to your own site.

7. Shareable Videos

Integrate social media icons on the web pages that have videos on it. This encourages viewers to share your videos with their fans and followers. All it needs is choosing the appropriate code and implementing it in your video page, and your video is ready to get all the natural links it can. With this, you are enabling the video to go viral on social media platforms.

Something else that you can do is share the link to your videos/video page with your fans and followers on social media.

8.Video Submission

Don’t just limit your video submission to YouTube(I know the fact that it’s owned by Google is a huge point in its favor); there are tons of video sites out there that you can submit to give your videos more traction. Link building cannot happen without visibility, and therefore you need to submit to other video outlets as well. But submitting is not enough; include a link back to your domain wherever it’s possible. Sites like MetaCafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. are just some of the many sites that you can submit your video to

9.Pitch It

You will need to market your video to make sure that it reaches as many people as possible, the kind of people that are influencers and also brand advocates. So, if you have a blog, mention your video in it; send a link to your video through emails to your opt in list; talk about your video in community forums: ask other bloggers, authority figures to embed the video on their sites; just do everything possible to market your video.

10.Just make sure that it has what it takes

At the end of the day, your video needs to be a high quality video. Everything begins from there and ends there. If you take a wrong step with your video, don’t expect it to deliver the SEO value you are looking for.


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